Mac Camera Restore  v.

Mac Camera Restore application provides ability to rescue logically misplaced memorable pictures from novelty or professional digital camera without requiring any unique hardware.



Christmas party games, activities and crafts for a kids holiday party. unique Christmas gift hopping in australia including international delivery for unique gifts, birthday gifts, st birthday gifts, mens gifts and novelty. Hcjim carrey will play dickens

Jingle Keyboard

Jingle Keyboard is a unique novelty desktop program that can make your typing sound like a real typewriter (for those of us who remember REAL typewriters). The program is a simple install that that runs in the task tray. In addition to typing and carriage

Heroes of Annihilated Empires  v.2.0

Heroes of Annihilated Empires is a new real time strategy game with an incredible plot and exceptional graphics, but its top novelty is the incorporation of role-playing games elements of different kinds.

AtomicCleaner  v.

Atomic Cleaner is a registry waste removal tool for Windows that offers most basic cleaners options. Perhaps the only novelty in respect of other outstanding cleaners that I tested is the Gamer Cleanup, which is a special cleaner for games.

Tiny Cars 2  v.1 15

Tiny Cars 2 is a completely new thrilling sequel of famous Tiny Cars. The gameplay attracts with its novelty and common knowledge at the same time.

DesktopX Professional  v.

If you are bored with your old Windows desktop design, icons, taskbar, and the like, DesktopX comes to your aid. This novelty software program allows you to modify and change your desktop's look and feel in almost any way.

Keyboard Background Piano  v.4.0

Turns your entire keyboard into a scalable piano. It is mainly for novelty purposes.This Program's Purpose is to turn the majority of your keyboard into a piano.

Caricature Studio Green  v.3.5

Caricature Studio Green is the only Windows software designed specifically to quickly and easily create caricature art, comics and novelty photos. Just like amusement parks and fair vendors....right on your desktop!

Ghost_Hunter_Pro  v.

This app allows you to have the tools of Ghost Hunter on your phone!! **This is a novelty app for fun, not real hunting, read description below** Atleast that is what you can convince people. This is a novelty app that allows you to have fun and

Trust Lie Detector  v.

Trust is a novelty lie detector app. Trust allows you to secretly pick the answer (Truth or Lie) ahead of time.

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